FAQs for A~flexX

Installation and Care

The industrial suction cup uses a small pump to maximize the suction power, and includes a red ring to assist in both installation and maintenance. Firmly attach the suction cup to your desired location, making sure the arm is in the proper upright position (~ 12 0’clock ). Pump the suction cup until you see the red line disappear. Once the red line is completely gone, an additional 3-6 pumps will secure the suction cup for maximum performance. The red line is a warning that the pump is beginning to lose suction. Immediately pump the unit 3-6 pumps or until the red line is no longer visible. Always check the mounting system at the beginning of the day and between patients. We recommend that you remove the pump at the end of the day to prevent it from losing suction and falling to the floor while it is not in use.

The valve and the funnels are able to be sterilized. Please note the adapter is not able to be sterilized. To disinfect the hose, arm, clips and adapter you can use the spray/wipe method. The hose is also safe to run your standard suction cleaner solution through.

Here at A~flexX it is our goal to be a green company and do our best to eliminate waste. One of the ways we try to accomplish this is to eliminate paper as much as possible. Our manual and installation instructions are available on our website at https://aflexxassistarm.com/helpdesk/ . The manual is able to be downloaded or printed if needed. You can also simply text the word Manual to (833) 617-6512.

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