FAQs for A~flexX


It is very important that your vacuum system can handle the use of all HVE lines running at the same time. The video on the home page is how the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm should be working. This device is designed to pull aerosol away from the operator via the dental office’s own vacuum system. If you purchase the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit and it is not pulling aerosol into the funnel system as shown in our video. Then your vacuum system is not adequate for optimal aerosol control. (NOTE: If your vacuum is not strong enough to use our device it most likely will not be effective for any device except direct use of the HVE following your ultrasonic instrumentation).

Category: Troubleshooting

There are many different styles of chairs and we have three different arms to help with this issue. If you have the standard kit we only recommend a metal, glassy smooth back chair that is flat, as this kit does not work well with any texture, material or flex to the chair. Please consider upgrading to one of our advanced kits.

Category: Troubleshooting

It is very important that the arm only be used with our infinity hose. Our arms are not designed to hold the weight of the standard hose and it will cause drifting. Make sure that the hose sits in the clips with the open part of the clip facing up. When moving the arm grab the valve and the clip to position. It is also important to make sure that the arm has not become twisted. A tip to help know if this has happened is to check the writing on the arm and make sure it is in line with the arm, not twisted around.

Category: Troubleshooting

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