Here at A~flexX, we try to be as green as possible. Our company strives to improve health and wellness while also helping our fellow beings and the environment. Green ergonomics essentially means that we are interested in making ergonomic interventions that have a pro-nature emphasis tied to them. How do we achieve this? Let’s answer some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Why Don’t We Send You an Instruction Manual?

Well, we don’t send you an instruction manual in the traditional sense, but we do include a helpful sheet in your package that explains the different ways you may access the product instructions! To access our digital instruction manual or helpful learning videos, you can choose to scan a QR code, text our helpline to download a PDF or visit a link on our website. Additionally, if you have any further questions, you can always reach out to our helpful customer service team or learn more information about our products on our website.

What About Packaging? How Are We Making a Difference?

We use the least amount of packaging and paper that we possibly can, and we also use the most biodegradable plastic that we can find! This small action is a part of an immense movement to help save our environment and our planet. Instead of using wasteful packing materials, we choose to package our products in a reusable hemp satchel. It is one way to lower our carbon footprint and respect our Earth. The satchels are also printed with our mission statement and product instructions on the back! We suggest reusing your satchel for trips to the grocery store, as a beach bag, or while on a hiking trip… the possibilities are endless.

A Green Ergonomics Company

We are truly proud to call ourselves the Original Dental Ergonomic Company. Our goal is to continue to innovate and bring you new and improved products that will help you practice safe and mindful ergonomics.

Are you looking for a helping hand in dentistry?

The A~flexX Assist Arm is an adjunct to aid in eliminating repetitive motion disorders that many dental professionals suffer from while practicing. Over time, by not practicing proper dental ergonomics, you will likely get some form of a repetitive muscular disorder. By taking care of your body, you can better take care of your patients! Learn more about us and our products here.