A~flexX Assist Arm – LVE Pump


The A~flexX LVE Assist Arm Kit

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The A~flexX LVE Assist Arm was the FIRST ARM DEVELOPED IN 2016 (The Original)

This Arm holds the LVE ONLY (Saliva Ejector/ Low Volume Suction)

The A~flexX LVE Assist Arm holds the saliva ejector in place freeing up an extra hand. It is designed for patient comfort and operator ergonomics. Using the A~flexX LVE allows the saliva ejector to be suspended in the patients mouth. Allowing the operator to better use their indirect vision because they don’t have to hold the LVE or no longer fishhook the patient with the saliva ejector. This provides better patient comfort and maximum efficiency. Designed to help lessen repetitive motion disorders due to always following around the ultrasonic and constantly fighting with the saliva ejector. This A~flexX arm is great in conjunction with the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit. This helps with maximum posterior aerosol reduction.

A~flexX LVE Assist Arm Advantages

  • Prevents neck, back, shoulder, wrist and hand pain
  • Lessens repetitive motion disorder
  • Time Saver
  • Patient comfort
  • Use while placing sealants
  • Helps with TMD patients
  • Use with a dry angle for difficult cheeks
  • Side mounted suction holder within reach of the practitioner
  • Utilize as a defogger for the mouth mirror
  • Great for accelerated hygiene
  • Can be implemented by a doctor when assistant is not present

LVE Refund Policy Full refund provided minus shipping fees

1 Year Warranty on any A~flexX Assist Arm