Go Green Dental Autoclavable HVEco Tips Vented


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New Go Green Dental Autoclavable HVEco Tips (Vented)  

1 YEAR WARRANTY (Patent Pending)

Go Green Dental HVEco Tips are designed to be autoclavable, reusable and sustainable.

Savings per 5 year period is as follows.   

 (One Chair Switching To Our HVEco Tips 1pk of 8)

Year 1 Per Chair $200.00 Savings

Year 2 Per Chair $300.00 Savings

Year 3 Per Chair $800.00 Savings

Year 4 Per Chair $1100.00 Savings

Year 5 Per Chair $1400.00 Savings

With Go Green Dental Autoclavable  HVEco Tips  IT IS A  WIN WIN for your pocket book and putting a STOP TO SINGLE USE PLASTICS!!



Most Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How do I clean the Autoclavable HVEco Tips? Will they hold debris?
  2. We recommend you place them in the ultrasonic cleaner and run the pipe cleaner brush through them. Then run them through the autoclave. They are sterilized just like our instruments.
  3. How do I keep my Dental Assistants from throwing them away? 
  4. Education is the key! You can set up a virtual meeting with us or we can send you our educational video on how to properly clean and incorporate the HVEco Tips into your practice.
  5. How much money will this cost me and how much will I save?
  6. Initially the start up cost will depend on how many operatories you have and how many clinical kits. We recommended that you place 1 HVEco Tip in every set-up. In each Operatory you should have at least 4 extra. The extra tips would be used for emergency patients.