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The A~flexX Ergo Compression Pad 

Eliminate pressure off your lower back. This portable compression pad naturally places you in a comfortable ergonomic position. Taking pressure off your Coccyx and Sacrum. The Coccyx, or tailbone, is located just below the Sacrum. Though it’s much smaller than the sacrum, it too has an important weight-bearing role. The Coccyx helps support your weight while you sit. If you lean back while sitting, such as reclining in a chair, the pressure on your coccyx increases. This causes compression on the sacral nerve. Symptoms may include lower back pain, leg pain associated with inflammation of sciatica nerve, bowel or bladder dysfunction and/or unusual feelings in the buttock(s) or groin.

1. What is an ERGO PAD?

The ERGO PAD is the leading non-powered reactive air pressure redistribution cushion. It is a clinically proven solution designed to redistribute pressure at bony prominences and achieve better comfort for sitting for long hours.

3. What is the ERGO PAD used for?

The Ergo Pad is a static air cushion featuring a recessed valve system that allows inflation tailored to the individual user’s needs. The ERGO PAD is used to relieve pressure from sciatica nerve issues and lower back pain due to long term sitting.

  1. What does the ERGO PAD do?
  • The ERGO PAD protects the user by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and helps improve comfort when sitting.
  • When properly inflated, the ERGO PAD lifts sit bones and tailbone off the surface.
  • Allows the body to sink into the product, helping increase comfort.
  • Unique venting holes provide airflow to keep the user comfortable.
  • This amazing Ergo Compression Pad is a 17X17 air compression pad with a washable covering.  The Ergo Compression Pad comes inflated with the washable covering. 
  • Great for any profession that requires sitting for long periods of time.
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dentist
  • Estheticians
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Truck Drivers
  • Front Office Team Members 
  • Long Hair Salon Appointments
  • Long Road Trips
  • Medical Offices
  • Use while attending conferences and conventions.


  • The Ergo Compression Pad seat has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. to accommodate the needs of consumers with small or large frames.




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