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Let Us Take the Weight Off You! 

The HVE Infinity Hose ™ 60% lighter!

The HVE Infinity Hose 60% lighter. Due to this there is less drag from the heavier stiff traditional HVE hoses. Helping prevent painful repetitive motion disorders and allowing you to have better HVE control. For an ultimate hands free experience while practicing use with the A~flexX LVE Assist Arm.

All Infinity Hoses are Universal/ Standard Size HVE. It is easy to install you are simply replacing your old HVE hose with the new Light Weight Infinity Hose.

Why do we need to replace our HVE Hoses? 

#1 Over time HVE Hoses become stiff and or brittle. This makes them heavy and puts a burden on the operator’s wrist. Causing Repetitive Motion Disorders such as carpal tunnel.

#2 Overtime the HVE Hoses harbor bacteria that are a potential health risk. 

#3 The deterioration and shrinkage of old HVE Hoses causes added stress to the vacuum system. It has been tested that an overall volume increase is made once a dental practice replaces their old HVE Hoses with the new Lightweight Infinity Hose made by A~flexX Assist Arm ™  

HVE Suction is #1 for the reduction of Aerosol Contamination

Our dental ergonomic products allow you to be at peace knowing you are doing everything you can do to reduce your exposure to aerosol contamination and working pain free.


No returns on the Infinity Hose due to OSHA Regulations

Infinity Hose 1 Month Warranty

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Weight 6 oz
1 Infinity Hose

1 Infinity Hose 8ft in Length