HVE Infinity Hose


The A~flexX HVE Infinity Hose! Let Us Take the Weight Off You!


The HVE Infinity Hose!

Let Us Take the Weight Off You! The HVE Infinity Hose is 60% lighter!
Designed to take the weight off you and stay healthy!

Introductory Price:
1- 8ft Hose is $49.00 without HVE Valve.

*Due to COVID-19 and demand, we are experiencing shipping delays.


Absolutely no returns on the Infinity Hose Even If You Say It Has Not Been Used on A Patient: Unfortunately, due to prior users abusing the honor system we will ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPT THE HOSE!

Warranty is 1 year on any A~flexX Assist Arm. 

Funnels no warranty (recommended change after 60 cycles)

Valve 3 Month Warranty

Infinity Hose 3 Month Warranty

Clips 30-Day Warranty

Adaptors 30- Day Warranty


If shipping outside of the US there will be a shipping fee.
See shipping fee at check out if not in the US.
*A~flexX is not responsible for any tariffs, duties, or if seized by customs.
All shipping is non-refundable
All return shipping cost is the consumer’s responsibility.

Please contact info@aflexxassistarm.com for bulk orders.


Do you want a reduction to Aerosol Contamination?

We know that many Dental Hygienist are concerned about aerosol production. Using the NEW HVE Infinity Hose is the solution for that problem. Now you can have a peace of mind knowing there is a revolutionary way to still practice and stay healthy.

The HVE Infinity Hose is 60% lighter. It provides less drag from the heavy stiff traditional HVE hose. Work as pain free as you can and stay healthy.

Be at peace knowing you are doing everything you can do to reduce your exposure to aerosol contamination. If you want to be as optimal as possible, the A~flexX Assist Arm LVE holder with the HVE infinity hose is the most effective way to achieve maximum aerosol reduction.

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Weight 6 oz