LVE stands for low volume evacuation or you may know it as your saliva ejector. HVE stands for high volume evacuation or high speed suction. The LVE assist arm is designed for patient comfort and operator ergonomics and to provide maximum efficiency. Using the A~flexX LVE allows the saliva ejector to be suspended in the patient’s mouth. This allows the operator to better use their indirect vision because they don’t have to hold the LVE or “fishhook” the patient with the saliva ejector. It is designed to help lessen repetitive motion disorders due to always following around the ultrasonic and constantly fighting with the saliva ejector. The A~flexX LVE assist arm is great in conjunction with the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit. The A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit is an economical way to utilize your high-volume suction (HVE), to Reduce Aerosol Production from ultrasonic instrumentation or high-speed hand-piece instrumentation. This is an extra oral aerosol reduction product.

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