Although it may push many out of their comfort zone, there’s no denying technology’s ability to make tasks easier, save time, and use fewer resources. Advanced technology can impact everything from the latest iPhone model and car to marketing, manufacturing, and even dentistry. Since the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges in the dental industry has been aerosol management, which calls for increased innovation and creativity.


A~flexX CEO and 27-year dentistry practitioner, Aurelia Byrne was recently featured in a Dental Product Report article discussing the importance of technology in dental hygiene. Recognizing how critical technological innovation is for dentists and patients played a pivotal role in the conception of Byrnes’ ingenious A~flexX Assist Arm. In the article, Byrnes and other experts in the field comment on the A~flexX Assist Arm’s remarkable ability to help dental professionals and patients. The system provides additional suction of harmful ambient aerosols, ensures patient comfort throughout procedures, and allows the hygienist to work comfortably, ergonomically, and hands-free with better indirect vision. In addition, the Assist Arm is reusable, can reduce repetitive motion disorders, and features a compact design that enables it to fit in smaller office spaces. Click here to read the full article: “The Current State of the Art Hygiene Technology: What’s New in the Aerosol Focused World.” 


From face shields and HVE systems to artificial intelligence (AI) and the intraoral camera systems of teledentistry, the dental industry is rapidly evolving to establish a safe and healthy workplace. Overall, there is a need to continue inventing, creating, and brainstorming ideas that will take dental care to the next level, improving the experience for both dentists and patients within their care. 


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