About A~flexX

Our mission

Here at A~flexX we strive to improve health and wellness while helping our fellow beings and environment.


A~flexX Assist Arm

Here at A~flex we care about our environment, health and wellness and most of all you. This is why we have become the Original Dental Ergonomic Company. Cheers to you and your healthy career!

The A~flexX Assist Arm was invented by Aurelia Byrne a registered dental hygienist. A lot of people ask me how I came up with this idea? Well, the idea came to me while I was in dental hygiene school. I have been in dentistry over 27 years. And it wasn’t until I decided to go back to school to become a dental hygienist when the idea came to me. Dental hygiene school was tough, and our instructors were always hammering us on proper instrumentation and ergonomics. I was challenged daily trying to juggle my LVE and ultrasonic instrumentation. I just wished I had an extra hand, something to hold my LVE in place!! And that is where the idea for the A~flexX came about. When I graduated in 2016. I needed that extra hand even more than ever. It was my vision to bring dentistry a product that could help all solo clinicians. The A~flexX is your helping hand. It is an adjunct to aid in eliminating some repetitive motion disorders that so many in dental professionals suffer from while practicing.

The A~flexX frees up your non-dominate hand, allowing you to use your mouth mirror for indirect vision and greater check retraction. Many times, the dental hygienist compromises their bodies to visually gain access to the patient’s mouth. Overtime, the body will rebel, and pain will set in. Maybe you don’t notice it now but over time, not practicing proper dental ergonomics you will get some form of repetitive muscular disorder.

The A~flexX is the third arm that every dental hygienist needs. This arm is your personal assistant. I understand how hard it is to keep every patient happy and comfortable but there comes a time we must think about ourselves and take care of our bodies. If we don’t then we can no longer take care of others like we do. Always practice mindful ergonomics YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!

As time went on I knew that I wanted to develop more ergonomic products so I started working on a lightweight HVE hose. The Inifinity Hose was originally made for the dental assistants. Dental Assistants suffer from repetitive motion disorders just as much if not more than Dental Hygienists. Then in 2020 COVID-19 hit and A~flexX had a major pivot. We had been working on an HVE Assist Arm and we made our A~flexX Aerosol Mitigation systems. We helped many dentists and hygienists during that time. A~flexX is proud to say we are now in 24 Dental Hygiene Schools and in Gordon Christensen’s CR Review 2 times! We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and we often make custom arms for specific needs. I have more products that I know can help the future of dental ergonomics. I believe in helping and serving others and I believe you will enjoy our products.


Who We Are

Our story

The A~flexX had been a vision for quite some time. But, most of the credit goes to Earl. Earl started traveling from Jamaica the 2nd of August in 2016. Earl landed in Belize, Guatemala and traveled North through Mexico. You see guys, Earl was a hurricane.

Earl’s power had shut down air travel in-and-out of Mexico. Here’s where boy-meets-girl again. Prior to being stuck now together in the airport, they had met prior that week, at a pool party then carrying on to a birthday celebration at a beautiful Mountain Home in Cabo San Lucas overlooking the Sea Of Cortez. This day is when boy-meets-girl.

So, they decide to make the most of this hurricane and head back to the East Coast of Mexico to soak up some more Mexican culture. Literally it rained for 3 days straight. During this time, the two had realized they were traveling on the same vibration in life. They both had similar visions of giving back and helping people. They also realized that each other strengths were the other’s weaknesses. This energy created by Mother Nature kept these two together and this organic partnership formed. This is where the A~flexX began its journey helping people.

Two weeks later we started writing the patent and since then we have been building on the A~flexX mission. Plenty of prototypes and learning pains have been endured along the way.