A~flexX Customer Reviews

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“I knew something was different as soon as my dental cleaning began. At first I didn’t realize what was different, but I soon noticed that the water spicket was suspended in my mouth and I wasn’t having to hold it myself, or let it hang out the corner of my mouth! It was so nice and relaxing! All dental offices should have an A~flexX because it makes the process easier for both the patient and the hygienist.”

-LaRue Eppler, Patient

Carrie Bostick

RDH Perez Richard, DDS Euless, Texas

“The A~flexX is an amazing device that I would highly recommend to any practicing hygienist or dentist. This device contributes to ideal ergonomics in the dental profession. Most practitioners struggle with numerous discomforts in the head, neck, and hands using the A~flexX will help eliminate many of these symptoms, that are contributed to the repetitive functions one performs on a daily basis.”