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Work Safe With Our Hands Free A~flexX Dental Aerosol Reduction Kits And LVE Arms.

A~flexX Specializes in Dental Ergonomic Products. WE were the first company ever to put attachable and detachable extra flexible arms on dental chairs (since 2016.)  All of our A~flexX Assist Arms are designed to allow you to work hands free. We offer several different styles of A~flexX Assist Arms and different attachment types. 

Work safe using our Aerosol Reduction Kit. These sustainable devices attach to any standard HVE connection to provide an effective level of aerosol reduction. The extra-oral product placement allows for hands-free suction of aerosols at the exit of the oral cavity; delivering comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the hygienist or dentist. Our Extra-Oral Suction Kits provide minimal to NO interference at the procedure location, especially when compared with intraoral options.

We take pride in being a company that produces SUSTAINABLE products helping to lessen our carbon footprint and also helping private practices save money. All our products are autoclavable and reusable.

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Aerosol Reduction Solutions

Here at A~flexX we care about our environment, health and wellness and most of all you. This is why we have become the Original Dental Ergonomic Company.  We are proud to bring you a unique line of products to help you practice mindful and safe ergonomics.  Click here to see all our products!

A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit

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A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit

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A~flexX LVE Assist Arm

(Hands Free Saliva Ejector Arm)

Mindful Ergonomics

Which A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit Is Right For You?

A~flexX Assist Arm offers an effective aerosol management solution with an ergonomic approach that works for all dental health care providers. Now more than ever an Extra-Oral suction is needed. A~flexX is the leader in providing an affordable compact Extra-Oral solution. The A~flexX HVE Extra-Oral Advanced Kit is the answer for aerosol mitigation. While using the dental practices own vacuum system, the kit is simply attached to treatment chairs.  They are removable and work for both left and right-handed providers. With strong attention to “going green” there are NO disposable items.  All our Extra-Oral funnels are autoclavable, which is purposely economical and sustainable. No extra cost is spent on HEPA filters or replacements. Disinfection and sterilization is simple and timely. Our kits are ideal for treatment rooms both large and compact. For more information on all our products please CONTACT US AT (954) 600-8664

Our  A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kits Are Trusted and Used By All These Educational Institutions and Goverment Facilities.

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The AflexX Assist Arm has been a godsend to our periodontal practice in these very trying times. On May 1, 2020, when New York State was in the throes of the pandemic, we knew that we needed to be prepared when our office was permitted to reopen. After researching many aerosol reducing options, the best, and to us, the ONLY choice was the AflexX Arm! We were so certain of our decision that we ordered 4, one for each of our hygiene rooms. Our patients are so impressed with the aerosol reduction provided, and our hygienists love the ergonomics!
Aurelia made sure that we had our order in time for the reopening of our office, and the customer support provided to us is without comparison!!
I would highly recommend the AflexX Assist Arm!
Thank you again for being there for us through thick and thin!!

Dr. Ryan Price


The assist arm takes away the anxiety of having to watch the patient of signs that they need the low volume suction while I’m using an ultrasonic scaler. The patients feel more in control if they have the arm there and ready for them. The extra-oral suction is expected by patients after our pandemic. It offers protection for all of us and peace of mind to them that we are doing the best we can to control aerosol driven contamination. Love the AflexX Assist Arm!
Nicole Fortune


A simple solution to a complex problem! Aerosol management is a huge concern especially during a pandemic and this little gadget has saved the day! It has allowed me to practice more safely, protecting both my patients, myself and coworkers. Easy to install. Cost effective. Great customer service!

Annie Doyle