New Autoclavable HVE TIPS

Introducing Autoclavable HVEco Tips Vented

New eco-friendly HVE tips

With A~flexX HVE reusable tips it’s a win for your pocket book, a win for Mother Earth, and a win for your office in the space you will free up. Your health and happiness mean the world to us. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in safety and efficiency. 

Mindful Ergonomics

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Work Safe With A~flexX Dental Aerosol Extra-Oral Suction

Dental aerosol management is now tantamount in establishing a safe and healthy workplace for dental professionals and patients alike.  COVID-19 has taught us all many lessons and the biggest take away is that we can all do more to protect each other.  Dental professionals are constantly at risk because of high aerosol exposure, simply due to the nature of the work.  We saw a need and jumped into action to mitigate the risk of aerosol exposure safely and effectively while elevating ergonomics for both patient and provider.

Your health and happiness mean the world to us. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in safety and efficiency. 

Clean AflexX with no straps


Here at A~flexX we care about our environment, health and wellness and most of all you. This is why we have become the Original Dental Ergonomic Company.  We are proud to bring you a unique line of products to help you practice mindful and safe ergonomics.  Click here to see all our products!

A~flexX HVE Advanced Extra- Oral Pump Kit

A~flexX HVE Advanced Extra-Oral Clamp Kit

 A~flexX LVE Assist Arm

Mindful Ergonomics

Which A~flexX Assist Arm Is Right For You?

A~flexX Assist Arm offers an effective aerosol management solution with an ergonomic approach that works for all dental health care providers. Now more than ever an Extra-Oral suction is needed. A~flexX is the leader in providing an affordable compact Extra-Oral solution. The A~flexX HVE Extra-Oral Advanced Kit is the answer for aerosol mitigation. While using the dental practices own vacuum system, the kit is simply attached to treatment chairs.  They are removable and work for both left and right-handed providers. With strong attention to “going green” there are NO disposable items.  All our Extra-Oral funnels are autoclavable, which is purposely economical and sustainable. No extra cost is spent on HEPA filters or replacements. Disinfection and sterilization is simple and timely. Our kits are ideal for treatment rooms both large and compact. For more information on all our products please CONTACT US AT (954) 306-9603

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