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LVE Tutorials

Here is a manual with instructions for installation

Demonstration of the A~flexX LVE: Showing Ideal placement and Use.

Once the A~flexX Assist Arm is in the starting position and ready for use, to have optimal control always grasp the clip. This allows for precision movements in and out of the oral cavity. Do not grab the saliva ejector alone that will cause the hose to release from the clip. In this help desk video you will see the placement for both the left and right handed operator.

Demonstration of the A~flexX LVE: Showing Indirect Vision for the Right and Left Hand Operator.

The A~flexX Assist Arm is perfect for using indirect vision. This help desk video demonstrates how both the right and left hand operator can now use their indirect vision with the use of this third arm. Using this device truly allows you to practice proper ergonomics and allows comfort for your patient and you.

Demonstration Of All The Ways You Can Use Your A~flexX LVE: LET US GIVE YOU A HELPING HAND.

There are so many ways to use the A~flexX Assist Arm.

Tip #1: My personal favorite is using the triangular cheek protector for large cheeks and for patients who have loose tissue. You no longer have to worry about the saliva ejector attaching to that tissue.

Tip #2: Keeping the mirror from fogging. While using indirect vision sometimes the mirror will fog. To stop the mirror from fogging, slightly hover the A~flexX Assist Arm inside the mouth … FOG BE GONE.

Tip #3: Using the bite block is always great for those patients with TMD. The A~flexX Assist Arm is perfect in that situation. The suction will stay in place which stops a water reservoir, allowing for an efficient practice and patient comfort.

How to attach your Infinity Hose 

HVE Tutorials