CHEW Foundation

Connecting Healthcare Education Worldwide

One of the main focuses of the CHEW Foundation is the oral systemic link. Knowledge is power and it is important that the public is aware that the oral cavity is one of the first lines of defense in reducing inflammation throughout the body. Reducing any unnecessary inflammation in patients with heart disease, diabetes and cancer will aid and benefit them on to the road of recovery and sustain them on their preventative journey. CHEW is two-fold, the main point being to treat dental needs. But, the acronym bridges the gap between medical, dental and genetics by Connecting HealthCare Education Worldwide.

Making a difference one mouth at a time

Stand by the CHEW Foundation and let’s save the lives of people who suffer from inflammatory diseases

What we do

Supporting those in need

The CHEW foundation will fund patients and treat their immediate dental needs. The CHEW foundation stands by and will fund providers that are trained and certified by the Smile with Heart Program developed by Dr. Jill Wade DDS. The main focus of the Smile with Heart Program is to treat potential life threatening dental infections. There is a systematic approach, a blueprint created by Dr. Jill Wade that gets to the root cause of oral inflammation. Our patients will first go through a series of advanced diagnostic testing to find a potential hidden dental infection and or periodontal disease.

The number one killer in America is heart disease and the CHEW Foundation is invested in saving lives by treating the underprivileged with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The CHEW Foundation will treat patients with advanced medical testing and quality dental care bridging the gap between medicine, genetics and dentistry. The Founder is a practicing dental hygienist and prides herself in practicing as a Smile with Heart hygienist: Saving lives one mouth at a time. A Smile with Heart hygienist is part of the Smile with Heart program. The level of advanced training that both a Smile with Heart hygienist goes through is just as extensive as a Smile with Heart dental provider.

The CHEW foundation believes that the public should be able to have excellent dental care. However, advanced testing and dental treatment is an expense that most cannot afford. Unfortunately, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are taking our loved ones every minute. We know now that inflammation in the mouth is directly associated with inflammation throughout the body. A hidden dental infection and or periodontal disease can ultimately cause death; especially, if you are genetically prone to certain inflammatory diseases.