A~flexx assist arm

Affordable Aerosol Management

We know that many Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants suffer from wrist, neck, back, and shoulder pain. Using the NEW HVE Infinity Hose is the solution to those problems and many more! Now you can have a peace of mind knowing there is a revolutionary way to still practice being safe and pain free.

Dual Arm

A~flexX HVE and LVE Dual Assist Arm Kit


Advanced Extra Oral

A~flexX HVE Advanced Extra-Oral Pump Kit


Advanced Extra Oral Clamp

A~flexX HVE Advanced Extra-Oral Clamp Kit



A~flexX Assist Arm – The Original (LVE)


Set of 4 Autoclavable Funnels.

Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 4 (60 Cycles)


Set of 8 Autoclavable Funnels. (60 Cycles)

Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 8 (60 Cycles)



HVE Infinity Hose



Autoclavable A~flexX HVEco Tips Vented


New Valve IMG_7623

A~flexX HVE Valve (Noise Reduction)


clips 2 new

A~flexX Quick Release Hose Clips (Set of 2-Clips Per Order)


Aflexx Funnel Adapter

A~flexX (NEW) Autoclavable Funnel Adapter


Docking Disc

Docking Disc for Both LVE and HVE