A~flexX Tray (clamp)


New Arrival the A~flexX Tray (clamp)

The new A~flexX tray is a great addition to your daily practice. This tray is universal it can be used for both, left handed and right handed operators and attaches to the glide-bar of the dental chair headrest.  If you are tired of reaching for the air-water syringe or instruments because you have a delivery unit that is not ergonomically correct. Then this tray is your answer. Class V motions daily are one of the major causes of back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain.

  • Used for Left handed operators
  • Used for placing instruments on
  • Used to hold extra gauze
  • Used for air-water syringe placement
  • Used with A~flexX LVE Arm for ideal ergonomics
  • This tray makes placing sealants more efficient
  • Used to prevent Class V motions

The Tray Can Hold Up to 1LBS MAX

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Weight 21 oz