Here at A~flexX we care about our environment, health and wellness and most of all, YOU! This is why we have become the Original Dental Ergonomic Company.  We are proud to bring you a unique line of products to help you practice mindful and safe ergonomics.


We strive to improve health and wellness while helping our fellow beings and environment.  We use the least amount of packaging, paper and the most biodegradable plastic that we can find! Keeping you safe and helping save our oceans and our planet!


We package our products with reusable satchels, so that we can all help lesson our carbon footprint and respect our mother earth.  We also provide further instructions via text messaging and/or through videos on our website and YouTube channel, in order to reduce paper instructions.



What else can we do to help?  What are some things that you do to help? What are you passionate about?