A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Dual Kit

(Clamp Attachment)


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A~flexX HVE and LVE Dual Assist Arm Kit.

This A~flexX was designed due to the high demand on both ergonomics and aerosol management.

This device comes as a clamp style kit. It has the HVE Extra-Oral suction arm that holds the Infinity Hose with the lightweight noise reduction valve, funnel and funnel adapter.  It also has the LVE A~flexX Arm that holds the Low Volume Suction. 

The A~flexX LVE Arm suspends the LVE in the patient’s mouth. This allows the operator to work hands free for maximum dental ergonomics and aerosol mitigation.

No more fish hooking the LVE on the side of the patient’s mouth. When the LVE is suspended in the patient’s mouth it helps stop which prevents tissue from clogging the saliva ejector. This allows for maximum posterior suction and aerosol mitigation.


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Weight 30 oz
Dual Arm

HVE Assist Arm with LVE Assist Arm, 2lbs