A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit ( Clamp Attachment)


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A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit ( Clamp Attachment)

Description:  Aerosol Reduction Kit sustainable device that attaches to any standard HVE connection to provide an effective level of aerosol reduction. The extraoral product placement allows for hands-free suction of aerosols at the exit of the oral cavity, delivering comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the hygienist or dentist. Our Extra-Oral Suction Kits provide minimal to NO interference at the procedure location, especially when compared with intraoral options.

Advantages: Hands-free, ease-of-use for both the hygienist and dentist. Cost-effective device for aerosol reduction in the operatory. Use in conjunction with saliva ejector.

The Kit includes, 1 A~flexX HVE Assist Arm, 1- Infinity HVE Hose, 1- Extra-Oral Funnel, 1- Funnel Adapter and 2- Hose Clips, 1-Light Weight Noise Reduction Valve.

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