A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit ( Clamp Attachment)


Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 8 (60 Cycles)

Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 8

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A~flexX (NEW) Autoclavable Funnel Adapter

A~flexX Quick Release Hose Clips (Set of 2-Clips Per Order)


A~flexX Aerosol Reduction Kit ( Clamp Attachment)

Description:  Aerosol Reduction Kit sustainable device that attaches to any standard HVE connection to provide an effective level of aerosol reduction. The extraoral product placement allows for hands-free suction of aerosols at the exit of the oral cavity, delivering comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the hygienist or dentist. Our Extra-Oral Suction Kits provide minimal to NO interference at the procedure location, especially when compared with intraoral options.

Advantages: Hands-free, ease-of-use for both the hygienist and dentist. Cost-effective device for aerosol reduction in the operatory. Use in conjunction with saliva ejector.

The Kit includes, 1 A~flexX HVE Assist Arm, 1- Infinity HVE Hose, 1- Extra-Oral Funnel, 1- Funnel Adapter and 2- Hose Clips, 1-Light Weight Noise Reduction Valve.

Please read all instructions provided online in our instructional video section. There is also a downloadable manual within that page. Or you can simply text the word Manual to (833) 617-6512.

FAQs for A~flexX

Installation and Care

What products are able to be sterilized and how do I care for the arms?

The valve and the funnels are able to be sterilized. Please note the adapter is not able to be sterilized. To disinfect the hose, arm, clips and adapter you can use the spray/wipe method. The hose is also safe to run your standard suction cleaner solution through.  Category: Installation and Care

Here at A~flexX it is our goal to be a green company and do our best to eliminate waste. One of the ways we try to accomplish this is to eliminate paper as much as possible. Our manual and installation instructions are available on our website at https://aflexxassistarm.com/helpdesk/ . The manual is able to be downloaded or printed if needed. You can also simply text the word Manual to (833) 617-6512.  Category: Installation and Care

What’s Included For Your Installation:
• 1 Clamp
• 1 Black Rubber Protective
• Strip Shims (includes extra shims)
• Extra Set Screws
• 1/8” Allen Key
• The Clamp system utilizes silicon rubber pads
to protect the finish of your chair’s Glide Bar.

• The Additional plastic shim has been provided
for Chair Glides that are thinner, helping to take
up some of the extra space in order for the
screws to apply the proper pressure.

1. Please make sure the Glide Bar is cleaned thoroughly using alcohol. The rubber pad is designed
to reduce slippage, and any oils or grease may
cause the clamp to slip.
2. Make sure the set screws are flush with the back

3. The double sided sticky tape protective layer
is oversized to make removal easy, take care to
remove only the protective layer.

4. The tape on the protective rubber strip and shim
are only there to aid in the installation, eliminating
the need to hold the items while trying to tighten
the set screws.


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Weight 30 oz