A~flexX HVE Advanced Extra-Oral Pump Kit


Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 8 (60 Cycles)

Extra-Oral Autoclavable Funnels Set of 8

No Returns Accepted




This is an industrial strength suction cup. This suction cup attaches to the back side of the chair and uses an air-pump docking mechanism. Comes with an indicator system that informs you when extra air needs to be added.

This system comes as a kit. Which includes the Infinity Hose, Funnel Adapter, 1 Funnel, 2 Hose Clips and 1 Light Weight  Noise Reduction Valve

Please read all instructions provided online in our instructional video section. There is also a downloadable manual within that page. Or you can simply text the word Manual to (833) 617-6512.

It is very important that your vacuum system can handle the use of all HVE lines running at the same time. The video on the home page is how the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm should be working. This device is designed to pull aerosol away from the operator via the dental office’s own vacuum system.  If you purchase the A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit and it is not pulling aerosol into the funnel system as shown in our video. Then your vacuum system is not adequate for optimal aerosol control. (NOTE: If your vaccum is not strong enough to use our device it most likely will not be effective for any device accept direct use of the HVE following your ultrasonic instrumentation). If that is the case, you might want to think about purchasing our Infinity Hose. The Infinity Hose is 65% lighter than any traditional HVE hoses on the market today. Your dental hygienist can practice safely and ergonomically as possible. The lighter hose will help stop wrist, hand and neck pain due to repetitive motion disorders. Again, it is very important that you check your vacuum pressure for maximum aerosol reduction


Refund Policy On A~flexX HVE Assist Arm Kit.

You will receive credit for the following: 

A~flexX HVE Assist Arm (Must be disinfected prior to shipping.) 

Funnels (Must be returned in a sterilization bag and run through the autoclave.) You will only receive credit for the extra funnel purchased. No CREDIT for the one sent with the KIT. Absolutely no returns on the Infinity Hose and Valve Total non-refundable will be $69 dollars plus shipping.

Even If You Say It Has Not Been Used on A Patient: Unfortunately, due to prior users abusing the honor system we will ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPT THE HOSE and VALVE.

We do not send a return label for returns and shipping fees are non-refundable.

Warranty is 1 year on any A~flexX Assist Arm. 

We do not send a return label for returns and shipping fees are non-refundable.

or valve credit or sets of funnel credit.

Funnels No Warranty (Recommended to be changed after 60 Cycles).

Valve 3 Month Warranty

Hose 3 Month Warranty

Clips 30-Day Warranty

Adapters 30- Day Warranty





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Weight 30 oz